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 disc priest

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PostSubject: disc priest   Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:21 am

Personal Info

Age: 21
Location: uk
Language: English
Occupation: Bum atm

Tell us something about yourself

Why are you applying to Bloodlust?

Have you read the guild rules?
iambadness yeah i have

Do you have any references in Bloodlust?
well i live with rokk and have spoke to hell ingame

Do you share your account with anyone?
no im am the soul owner

How is your internet? ( www.speedtest.net )
paying for 20megg getting 1.3 on speedtests

Character Info

Class: disc priest
Main spec: disc priest
Off-spec: disc or holy if needed
Preferred spec: disc
Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/korgall/Ilithyia/simple

Are you the original owner of the character and the account?
yeah it is as explained above Smile

What is your dps/tank/healing rotation or priority list?
well healing has no pacific healing rotation just mostly cooldown management
and ofc rebuffs after combat ress

Post a combat log link (for example World of Logs, WoW meters, etc)
Im not to sure how to do this if really needed I will do it

Post a screenshot of your raid UI

Raid Info

Are you able to attend to these raid days and times?

Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 yeah
Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 yeah
Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 yeah
Monday 20:00 - 23:00 yeah

What's your raiding experience in Cataclysm (detailed), WotLK, TBC and vanilla?

dragon soul 5/8 normal
firelands 7/7 normal
black wing decent got full achive (forgot how many bosses)
bot got full achive (same as above)
totfw have not even seen the instance due to when i came back in firelands. people dont see the point in going i guess

took a break at the end of icecrown os no rubby sanctum
ICC 10/11 many many wipes on litchking
toc normaly 5/5 and hc mode 4/5
uldar and nax i played on my mage

easyer to link my mage

How do you prepare for a raid?
manna food flasks and make sure have some gold to repair
repair right before the raid
lots of energy drink

Guild History

What are your previous guilds, and why are you no longer with them?
im currently in sentanced have bin with them since i came off my wow break they are good guys just going no wear

What rank did you achieve in those guilds? (Social, Trial, Raider etc.)
im an elite in sentanced i like it hear but i dont like logging on for the raid nights to be changed to a difrent day and i wanna progress my skills further than there normal modes

Additional Info

Why should we invite you to Bloodlust?
u should invite me to bloodlust beacause iv bin playing for 5 years now
i never slack on buffs flasks or food]
can grind things for the guild if ineeded herbs pots flasks ect

hope to hear off u guys soon
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PostSubject: Re: disc priest   Sat Dec 10, 2011 6:51 am

a bit more about my healing rotation

Disc: Mostly focused on tank, but keeping raid topped and a does of divine agis healps for the next AOE, rotation is pretty simple: shileds on tanks at all times right after weakened soul unless its like ultraxion when i do it right befor u go into or out of twilight, prayer of mending on tank always on cooldown,Using greater heals, flash heals, prayer of healing and heals when nothing bigger is needed. i dont find dispelling disheartening in the slightest.
i pop rarely mess with the barrer cooldown unless it is realy needed or im certain it wont affect any other mechanics. reforge everythings into mastery as long as in soft capped for haste raid buffed. switching between innerwill and innerfire for the extra spell powers on heavy aoe flights as well.
(normaly done just befor the phase comes into play)
use my feind at about 60% in most fights
when im struggling for manna 30-35% i pop manna pots dyvinee hym' fiend plus fiery quintessence right after for bust hps and max manna pool to make up for downtime while im mana regening. manna is normaly at about 170k atm with a max of around 185kish

il just copy the other priests bit on holy

Holy: If I am focused on raid healing, Keeping my Chakra:Sanctuary up all the time, poping trinket Jaws of Defeat(reducing m.cost ) spreading Renew's on raid,almoust free renews with 9k tick,My JoD is stacked on 10 , than casting few Prayers of Healing (reduced mana cost by 1250), Using every CD Prayer of Mending (casting on tank) and every CD of Circle of healing. In critical phase's using Divine Hym. If raid doing tactic as its should, never problems with mana. Also if raid dmg is constantly high (Majordomo hc) spamming Prayer of healing,Circle,PoM.
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PostSubject: Re: disc priest   Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:40 am

Hello ilithyia we are currently reviewing your application, please can you answer the following questions please.

Tell us something about yourself

Why are you applying to Bloodlust?

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PostSubject: Re: disc priest   Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:47 am

Application accepted as the rank of Trial. Make sure Teamspeak is up and working and that you know the tactics in Heroic Dragon Soul ready for Wednesday night.

Welcome to Bloodlust

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PostSubject: Re: disc priest   

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disc priest
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