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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Mon Nov 07, 2011 2:49 am

We are semi hardcore raiding guild and as much as we understand that this game is meant to be played for fun there are some rules which apply to our raids. First and foremost we require our members to act like grown-ups. We don't tolerate rude, disrespectful and abusive behaviour. We don't want you to evaluate or judge other members during the raid, it is officer's job. Treat others the same way you want to be treated.


  • Sated: This rank is reserved for veterans of Bloodlust who used to raid in the team before but have earned there right to stay in the guild. If you are sated and wish to become part of the raiding team again you must submit a application form.

  • Trial: All new members who have been accepted into Bloodlust will be given the rank of Trial this is the testing phase and we will be reviewing Trials in raids. ( Trials last one full week or may last more and is down to the Officers)

  • Raider: Once a Trial has passed they will become Raiders of Bloodlust. This rank means that you are apart of the raiding team. ( Must keep up your attendance and performance if you wish to continue being a raider in Bloodlust)

  • Core Raider: Once a Raider has 80% and plus attendance in our raids and continue showing us that they are skilled and can perform well under pressure we will give you the rank of Core raider. This means you will have prior on BoE, Mounts and Receipes in raids also you will be able to use the guild bank repair tool and can buy from the guild bank for 50% off AH price. (See guild bank details for information on items and mats you can buy)

  • Officer: Officers are choosen from Core raiders and this is down to the GM/Officers to discuss possible promotions. (Down to the GM/Officers who will next become an officer of Bloodlust please do Not whisper to be promoted)

  • The Boss: Is the Guild Master of Bloodlust.


  • Must have Teamspeak 3 installed once raid has begun we require all members to keep the raid channel clear for the whole duration of the raid. Teamspeak and raid channel are exclusively for raid related matters. Also we ask our raiders to stay out of general channels while raiding to stay focused.

  • All members must know the fundamental tactics for all boss encounters in the current raid content, this includes Heroic Modes too. Tactics can be viewed on forum or can be viewed at www.tankspot.com.

  • Raids are always put ingame calendar at least 2 - 3 days ahead of a new reset. Therefore we invite to our raids in accordance to calendar sign. Raid plan for the current reset can change depending on our progress, raid setup and raid morale.

  • Raid events will be locked one day before the raid.

  • All members must be in game and on Teamspeak at 19:45 realm time before the raid starts.

  • Your gear is the best it can be with the resources available and should be enchanted and gemmed correctly (if you need help, ask an officer or fellow guild member)

  • Are repaired, stacked up with consumables needed for your class (flasks, potions, food, reagents) for 3 hours at least.

  • Please add "Imbaness" To your application so we know that you have read all the guild rules.

  • Will organize your real life in a way that will allow you to raid with 100% focus for 3 hours at least.

  • If you can not make a raid night you must post on the forum in the vacation section.

  • Must not pug the current content that is in progression. Firelands is not puggable but once we have cleared the current content we will go back and attempt on clearing the old content to get achievements, mounts and items.

  • Tanks have prio on tier tokens and content upgrades (such as Crystallized Firestones) over everyone. Core Raiders have prio on loot in general over Raiders and Trials. Also, officers will review the rollers individually and give the loot based on raid performance for the best candidate.


  • Must be active on forum to see all up coming changes and tactics of future content.

  • Must respect members of the guild treat them they way you would like to be treated. Also must show respect to the officers if you have any concerns about anythink feel free to whisper the officer team.

  • When pugging just remember that it has taken us years to develop the image of Bloodlust on the realm and other realms. So please act grown up and be aware that not everyone is pro and epic at the game.

  • Ninja looting is NOT tolerated in Bloodlust. If any of our members ninja, they will get kicked from the guild.

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Guild Rules
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